Communal area cleaning

Get the communal area cleaning in Southport by our professional cleaners .

Communal area cleanliness can say a lot about those who manage it . It’s like a business card . We at T&BL Cleaning know the importance of cleaning . For every tenant or visitor who must feel comfortable when entering in a block of flats . That’s why we support owners’ associations and the tenants . Offering a wide range of professional communal area cleaning . We take care of the entire cleaning and sanitation process . The safety way to preventing microbes from entering in the tenants’ apartments.

Communal area cleaning Southport

Our communal area clean Promise

T&BL Cleaning offers you the possibility to benefit from complete communal area cleaning services . Southport, Birkdale, Ainsdale, Churchtown, Banks and around . The services are also extended to residential complexes . We are lookiong after cleans from small to large communal area .

The services we offer are fast and adapted both for the interior and for the exterior of the block . The time intervals are established by mutual agreement . We also use professional products and equipment , with an effective action but which does not affect health .
Call us with confidence and your block will always be taken care of . The tenants will be respected and satisfied with the cleaning services .


For communal area cleaning services in Southport . We provide materials , equipment and cleaning kits for the execution of these services . Maintaining cleanliness in the common areas of the owners’ associations . The certainty of a clean and disinfected all touchable surfaces . Also the safety of a clean space near your door .

Communal area
Communal area

“Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value . Absolute professionals. Very good. I highly recommend this service. 👍

Jeena J.


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