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The best Southport cleaning service . Specialized in everything related to domestic and residential cleaning services prepared to exceed all your expectations.

Get an real cleaning service

It’s an interesting part of this whole story… Southoort house cleaning. Let’s imagine how much time we spent in our house before COVID-19 . How much time we ended up spending now ! With a job of 8 hours a day plus traffic and shopping . Geting the child from kindergarten / school, out in town for a drink with friend . There were 7 hours out of 24 that we had to sleep for a new day what was to come . Obviously our house didn’t even have time to get dirty if we just visited it the night before bed . The best ideea is to to hire an cleaning service company like T&BL Cleaning .

Spending time cleaning

We all know that when you spend a lot of time in the house rathe to get an cleaning service company .All the surfaces get dirty in record time becoming frustrating to throw garbage several times per day . Also washing dishes continuously or to observe tons of dust particles flying through the air in the sun’s rays . Before Coronavirus it was relatively simpl . You went to a cleaning service company while you were away from home, and when you came everything shIne!

We at T&BL Cleaning we are a cleaning service company in Southport . Specialized in everything related to domestic and residential cleaning services . From cleaning apartments, cleaning houses to villas , offices to pubs and restaurants . That’s why our advice can really be useful!

Cleaning service and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces

Every home is different . The surfaces you usually come in contact with : door handles , tables , chairs , railings , kitchen and bathroom surfaces , faucets , toilets cold have germs and microbs . What do we use to clean and disinfect ? The cleaning service specialist they kmow for sure what is the solution for this job.
If a surface is dirty, clean it first with soap and water or detergent . Use a disinfectant based on alcohol (about 70%) or chlorine. Vinegar and other natural products are not recommended.

Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces

The steps of a cleaning service company against Coronavirus

Although it may sound strange . In terms of cleaning at home there are certain aspects that we take into account . We even have a way of operating our cleaning services to be as efficient as possible. We finish the cleaning job faster and the customers enjoy an impeccable cleaning  home in the shortest time. Win & win for both parties . Cleaning your home like a professional cleaner is almost impossible . To get a professional cleaning house you must hire a cleaning services company . Where we do not reach we use a ladder to easily clean the top of the furniture . Air conditioning, sockets, chandeliers, lampshades. From our experience and the homes we clean, people store up their shoe boxes, duvets, . Those things they want to get to as rarely as possible . It may seem like a meticulous job but it would be important to move / lift / delete each object separately.

The steps of a cleaning company against Coronavirus

Vacuuming for an perfect cleaning service

We continue with vacuuming the windows and cleaning the windows by different methods: solution + cloth , solution + industrial paper . Squeegees + solution or the wonderful window cleaners that collect in those tanks all the dust and dirt on them. After vacuuming the parquet and all the accessible places next to the furniture, we continue with dusting on all surfaces like cleaning service companies do .. After that use a mop + solution (depending on the floor material) to remove the last dust particles / dirt.

Desinfecting all surfaces being the most important step. Another useful tip is the daily ventilation of the house . Not just only when we clean against Coronaviru . The fresh air outside keeps us healthy and gives us a more restful sleep.

To booking an cleaning service it takes an average of 4-8 hours . It depending on the surface of the house or the degree of dirt . If you do not have time to follow all the above steps, a cleaning company can definitely help you . If you are still reading these lines it is clear that you are interested to know as much as possible about cleaning at home . We tried as much as possible to give you some information about a possible cleaning against COVID 19 .

We hope to get back our lifes and activities soon as possibile.



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