House cleaning Southport

Domestic Cleaning Service Company in Southport

We are professional house cleaning service in Southport, available 7 days on week . Trusted and reliable cleaners . T&BL house cleaning service is not part of a larger group or franchise . Our company are based in Southport and give our clients an individual, friendly and honest service at any time . We also clean our clients properties to a standard that we would expect in our own homes and that’ way our purpose is to give you the best cleaning service quarantee . you can try our professional house cleaning service in Southport to your choise .

Our house cleaning knowledges

Where we come from ? We come from that area with the highest cleaning service requirements . Also we delivered cleaning service on cruise ships , luxury restaurants , in Caribbean , Qatar , Spain , Italy and Germany . More than that we’ve been worked in the hotelier  area in Switzerland , Germany and U.K until a year ago when we decided to open a house cleaning services company in the UK . That is way this is the value of all our house cleaning service knowledges we gained throughout our career . Trying to create a system of cleaning services adapted to all the house cleaning requirements .

Why choose T&bl house cleaning service

We also know the cleaning is the most stressfull and time consuming job in the house That’s way we believe don’t deserve to spend your spare time cleaning .
You don’t need to looking for a cleaner, we are here to carry out your house cleaning tasks ,fitted to your personal needs.

House cleaning service specialist

We are specialists in house cleaning, we know exactly how to use cleaning solutions, where, when and to what extent ‘
We collaborate with the best reliable companies that deliver cleaning solutions in the UK.
Our cleaners are qualified and trained to meet all the expectations of our customers in time while offering them the quality of cleaning service desired.
To have the best result of house cleaning service in Southport we use the latest Karcher tools cleaning technologies . Also we provide training for our cleaners any time when we implementing new tools for cleaning and we like to clean the floors and furniture of your house in the safest ways to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the house , that’s way we use the steam tools system from the best providers like Karcher .

Do you have a question ? Are you not sure what cleaning service is the best fitted for your house ? Ask our friendly staff and you’ll get the answer in a second .

About house cleaning Prices

The house cleaning prices of our cleaning services are suitable for any budget . We can adapt and even create together with you exactly a cleaning service suitable for your house and your budget.
We have no hidden charges , the set price for house cleaning service is the price paid for nothing more or less.
The payment method is varied , starting from cash payment to online banking . The payment duration can be seted with you . Depending on the budget and the day you receive your salary , pension or your current budget . If you think you can make the payment today or depending on when you can in the current month . Only requirement is to dont be more than two weeks for individuals , and for companies the possibility of payment is 45 days.

Affordable house cleaning service

Get an affordable house cleaning service in Southport,fully vetted and trusted cleaners,excellent house cleaning service.


Give us a chance to demonstrate our skills and what we are able to do.

Professional house cleaning service in Southport , offering regular home cleaning service 7 days on week trusted and reliable cleaners .

We are providing House Cleaning services for any budget . Also a range of domestic cleaning services to suit our clients’ requirements and we make the price for your cleaning job together . Offering an affordable price suit to your needs and to your budget our cleaning business is based on a real ,,win-win “labour-customer. A professional team equipped with modern professional tools ready to demonstrate the quality in cleanliness.

Give us a chance to demonstrate our cleaning skills and what we are able to do.


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